"Live with peace of mind and calmness. Then we will reach a whole new level of joy, success and fulfillment."

Coach Hayato Otsuka



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Meet Coach Otsuka


Coach Otsuka is a business and leadership coach in Tokyo.


He uses his signature Samurai Coaching Methods framework to coach people, primarily executives, business owners and people with a big goal. 


Samurai Mindset has two main core themes.

One is “Calmness” and the other is “Discipline”.


Without Calmness, if you find yourself in a chaotic situation, you will not be able to positively influence others, maintain high performance, or enjoy life.


And without discipline, you cannot change the status quo.


Based on these two themes, the Samurai Method incorporates research-proven tools such as Emotional Intelligence and High Performance to create significant change in the professional and personal lives of the clients.


Be calm like a Samurai.

Disciplined like a Samurai.


“Being able to make further contributions to the people and society that we care about” is the common value that all Samurai Coaching participants share.


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Coach Hayato with Brendon Burchard

Coaching Program


Who is taking this program?: People in a leadership role, People working under high pressure environment, People who would like to become a good role model

Have you ever wished you had the skills to stay calm in even the most difficult situations?

Many of us experience stress, pressure, and worry that can be overwhelming.

The inability to properly deal with these situations can lead to poor leadership, poor performance and a loss of enjoyment in both professional and personal life.

Without “calmness”, the real fulfillment cannot be achieved.

The good news is that you can change yourself with right tools so that you can develop better leadership skill, sustain high performance, and start to enjoy your life even more. But changing habitual patterns that you have developed over the years and creating “calmness” and a core within yourself is not something you can do alone.

If you want to bring the “calmness” back to your professional and personal life, and then start having more fun and feeling more fulfilled than ever before, you don’t need to wait any longer. Let's start working together. Once you start your journey, your life will never be the same.

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Who is taking this program?: People with a big goal and vision

Why is it that among those who have great visions and goals, only a small percentage can realize those visions and goals?

The answer lies in the difficulty of maintaining high performance.

There are many factors that contribute to low performance, including but not limited to loss of clarity, low productivity, negative emotions, and inability to be as courageous as before.

Working on these factors daily will help you maintain the high performance and as a result you will be able to achieve your vision in the shortest amount of time. If you are feeling stuck or frustrated that you not progressing very far toward your vision, this Samurai coaching program can be the catalyst for a major change in your professional and personal life.

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Do you want to get back "Peace of Mind" in your life? If yes, Watch this "Samurai Peace of Mind" video session. 

Join us! You will immediately get access to "Peace of Mind" video session.


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